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How did you get into RPing? Why do you still do it?

I began rping a very long time ago, back in the very early days of Stargate SG1. A group of us, all Brits who became friends irl would go online, create OCs, and rp out missions. When we look back on it, all very Mary-Sueesque if we are being honest.

I ended up taking a long break from it (around eight years long), and it was only around three years ago I began to feel the urge again. Fandom had been driving me mad, as it does so many people, and it was Life on Mars fandom that started me first writing again, then back into rp. Tosh was one of the early characters I took up, as I fell in love with her as soon as we were introduced to her, and has always been one of my favourite characters – so much depth to draw from with her. I don't rp with Tosh as much as I should, and that is one of the things I'm hoping to change with her, as I'm currently doing a canon rewatch, and her voice is coming back stronger than ever.

Prompt 154.3 Silly

Clothes swap: you awake to find all your clothes have been swapped with someone else's

( His mind fought through fog but failed to offer up any useful memories, ultimately dismissing the circumstances with the mental equivalent of a cautious shrug. )

Character: The Fifth Doctor, feat. Erimem
Word Count: 1128
Note: companion piece to dominie's prompt.

Prompt 154.3

Prompt 154.3:

(Clothes swap: you awake to find all your clothes have been swapped with someone else's)

Character: The Seventh Doctor
Series: Doctor Who
Words: 844
Notes: One half of this prompt is written by 5th_doctor here.

Things you don't talk about

1. "You never talk about your job!" Rhiannon exclaimed, frustrated, turning towards the sink so that Ianto couldn't see her face. "You don't talk about Lisa, not anymore, and then here you are, back in Cardiff, and I don't even find out for months." She breathes in, and he can hear the strain. "I don't understand, Ianto. What happened to you?"

"Nothing," he said, and even he could hear the lie--it was flimsy, because she was always the hardest to lie to, and he didn't want to lie at all.

Never again, he'd told himself, he'd promised himself... but then he'd walked right back to Torchwood.

2. "You have a sister?" Gwen asked, surprised and curious, and Ianto knew he had made a mistake. But the girl on the screen had looked so much like her, and for a moment all he could see was Rhiannon at fifteen, sneaking back into the house at night smelling like perfume and cheap booze. Lost in that moment, he'd smiled and started, When my sister--

Now, caught, he cleared his throat and nodded, because Gwen was Gwen and would never give up.

"Uh," he answered, "yeah, Rhiannon, she's married. Kids."

3. By the time he grabbed two glasses--mugs, really--for the wine she'd brought, Martha had already found the photograph. Not that it was hidden, really, but its presence slipped his mind.

"Lisa?" she asked, her voice hushed. He didn't answer; he only moved his head slightly, not even a nod, just a slight motion from side to side that in any other situation probably wouldn't have meant yes, that's her. "Jack told me about her," she went on, and though Ianto didn't stop her he already knew. Pterodactyl or no, Ianto had refused to tell Martha how he and Jack had met--he couldn't bear to hear the story, let alone to tell it.

Quietly, he offered a mug and steeled himself for questions.

4. Jack rested his hands beneath his head, one elbow hanging rather haphazardly off the side of the bed, and watched as Ianto dressed far slower than necessary. "You know, your father has the whole master tailor story," he mused suddenly, and Ianto's fingers slipped over the knot of his tie, "but that's it. You never talk about your mother."

Ianto sighed and assessed his image in the mirror. Crooked. "Neither do you," he said, far too gruffly, as he started over.

Then, for the moment, Jack was quiet.

Comment here, please.

Prompt 169

I'll be doing an activity check on Wednesday

1. Single word:

2. Mun:
How did you get into RPing? Why do you still do it?

3. Silly:
You have been given an item that will send you through a transformation sequence that will make you the guardian of something strange and random. Let's hope it doesn't end up with any dreadful combination of hairy legs and short skirts. (from lightyearsmod)

4. List:
Things that worry you


Prompt 167.4 Things you don't talk about

  • Aliens

  • Time travel

  • Spaceships

  • What my job really involves

  • Where I've really been

  • UNIT

  • How much of my stories are actually true

  • My mother

  • My step-brother

  • Most of my family, really

  • The Doctor

  • What I did when I was in MI5

  • Any previous girlfriends

  • School

  • Most things from my childhood really

...It might have been simpler to ask what I do talk about. It probably would have been a shorter list.

Prompt 168

1. Setting/scenario:
You have to go undercover as something you absolutely despise. (from lightyearsmod)

2. Quote:
Don't think. Thinking is the enemy of creativity. It's self-conscious, and anything self-conscious is lousy. You can't try to do things. You simply must do things. - Ray Bradbury (from lightyearsmod)

3. Writing:
Describe a place using only sound, smell, taste or touch

4. Five things:
Five times you were ill


Prompt 167

1. Single word:

2. Mun:
Do you tend to write the same sort of things about your character or different things? Why?

3. Silly:
You have been given an item that will send you through a transformation sequence that will make you the guardian of something strange and random. Let's hope it doesn't end up with any dreadful combination of hairy legs and short skirts. (from lightyearsmod)

4. List:
Things you don't talk about


Prompt 166

1. Setting/scenario:
Aliens explode and leave absolutely no trace of a body. Not even dust. (from lightyearsmod)

2. Quote:
A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is brave five minutes longer. - Ralph Waldo Emerson (from lightyearsmod)

3. Writing:
Take an episode or story your character was in and set it at a different time in their life

4. Five things:
Five nights you couldn't sleep


Prompt 165.5 - RP

Character(s): Donna Noble, and OPEN
Setting: Halloween, present day, in an idyllic suburb--or is it?
Warnings: Otherworldly shenanigans and candy?
Other notes: To be added if needed! As a personal note, I might be a bit slow tagging, but this is open to anyone!

Trick or treat!

162.2. Mun

What are the most important things you have to think about when writing this character?

The Importance of Being RiverCollapse )

Muse: River Song
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 208


165.4. First line:
I knew [name] couldn't be dead because...

I knew the Doctor couldn't be dead because every time I've believed that I've been wrong. One has to assume that after all that he's been through if it were possible to kill him, it would have happened by now. If he could survive the Time War and the destruction of his own people, he can survive anything.

Besides, he's a time traveller. Just being dead wouldn't stop me from running into him again before he died even after I'd attended his funeral. Think about it.

Sarah Jane Smith

162.4. List: Things you're nostalgic about

162.4. List:
Things you're nostalgic about

St Brendan's
Tegan, Nyssa and the Doctor
Travelling in the TARDIS

Let's try that again

My family

Oh, let's be honest, shall we?

The only thing I miss is the world I grew up on...and maybe the Doctor and the TARDIS. The rest might seem appealing in retrospect, but I have no desire to live through any of it again. You'd understand if you'd been there. Or if you knew my family.

Vislor Turlough

Prompt 157.4 Five Things

( Five things that make you happy/sad )

Character: The Fifth Doctor
Word Count: 46

112. Children

"There were four," Owen said to Ianto, his breath coming quickly after the long chase on foot. He turned in a slow circle, keeping his gun aimed at the shadows. "Where's the fourth?"

"I lost it," Tosh answered, baffled, from the Hub. "I'm going through all the nearby CCTV footage." She paused and Ianto could hear the steady taptaptap of her fingers on the keyboard, and then her quiet, frustrated swear. "But it's got to be there somewhere."

Owen lowered his gun but still searched for movement with his eyes. "No, Tosh, surely it went on holiday."

...Collapse )
The first time I remember feeling absolutely terrified was when I ran away from my father's wedding. It was bad enough that he was getting married, but then, at the wedding, I was presented with a step-brother. No one had mentioned him before that day. He was just a baby and all the women there were cooing over him. I'd had enough. I just wanted to get out of there. In hindsight I should have just hidden in the toilets - my stepmother couldn't have gone in there to find me. But instead I ran out.

So there I was, on the streets of London, dressed in my Sunday best. It was all right at first, but then I realised I was hungry and had nowhere to go. I did have places I could go, of course, but they would all just send me home. And I hadn't eaten much at the wedding, but I knew where all the food was in our kitchen. So I went home.

I had hoped to sneak in, but it was winter and there weren't any windows open. It meant my only way in was to ring the doorbell or freeze on the doorstep. I knew what would happen if I rang the doorbell, but I did it anyway.

Fortunately, it was my new stepmother who answered the door. She gave me a hug and said how worried they were about me. Which I doubted, but I let her hug me anyway. She didn't give me any choice in the matter. Behind her, though, was my father. He looked more angry than I'd ever seen him before. Upon seeing him all I wanted to do was run upstairs and shut myself in my bedroom. Except I knew that if I tried that I'd be in even bigger trouble.

I stood and waited for ages before he finally spoke. And then all he said was, "Go to bed. I'll speak to you in the morning." Which wasn't what I wanted at all. I wanted to speak but there wasn't anything I could think of to say. Besides, he had an expression that suggested that anything I said would be the wrong thing and would just make whatever punishment he had in mind for me worse.

Apparently he could only take my hesitation for so long, because he said, "Go!" and I went. I went to my bedroom and stayed there for as long as I could, but I didn't sleep long and when I did I had nightmares. There was no punishment that could possibly be as bad as the ones I imagined that night.

I was usually too scared of my father to do anything wrong, so now that I had, I was more scared of him than ever.

Prompt 165

I'll be doing an activity check on Monday

1. Lyrics:
The Automatic: Monster

2. Question:
What's the scariest experience you've ever had?

3. Photo:
Bonfire night

4. First line:
I knew [name] couldn't be dead because...

5. RP:
Trick or treating


Prompt 164

1. Single word:

2. Mun:
How has your writing for this character changed over time?

3. Silly:
You've been animated, quite probably as some anthropomorphic hilarity. How do all the people that know you suddenly react to their three-dimensional friend suddenly becoming... flat. (from lightyearsmod)

4. List:
Things that keep you up at night


Prompt 163

1. Setting/scenario:
You have to go undercover as something you absolutely despise. (from lightyearsmod)

2. Quote:
Many things are possible. Few things are certain. - Harry Turtledove (from lightyearsmod)

3. Writing:
Rewrite your character's first scene to be set in a different place or with different characters in the scene or to be at a different time in their life

4. Five things:
Five times your past caught up with you


Prompt 162

1. Single word:

2. Mun:
What are the most important things you have to think about when writing this character

3. Silly:
A hair left in a glass of water overnight turns into a worm. (from lightyearsmod)

4. List:
Things you're nostalgic about


Prompt 161

1. Setting/scenario:
You find yourself suddenly in the role of the jolly old Father Christmas. How did this strangeness happen? What heart-warming (or excruciating) things happened along the way? (from lightyearsmod, although wording modified by me)

2. Quote:
An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life. - Robert A Heinlein (from lightyearsmod)

3. Writing:
Write a prompt with the character from the Doctor Who universe that you know well, but couldn't write if your life depended on it

4. Five things:
Five times you mourned


"I shouldn't even be here," Martha said, from her position beside Harry. "I'm not a member of UNIT any more."

Harry winced as he shifted position to stretch his aching legs a bit and the shot from a ray gun whooshed past his foot. He was perfectly able to crouch under desks once. Now he just felt old. "You're still in the building," he pointed out

"Only because we were attacked by those alien robot things before we could leave your office." Martha didn't sound happy about it - but then there was never anything happy about being shot at.

"Why do aliens always invade Britain and my office?" Harry complained. "What's wrong with the rest of the world?"

"Would you prefer them to invade the pub?"

"Maybe a few drinks would calm them down," he mused, forgetting that it had a tendency to rouse tempers on Friday and Saturday nights.

Martha gave him a look.

"Alright, I'm glad they're not in the same place as the civilians are," he conceded. "But the building's big enough that they could beam into any part of it they like, as long as it's not my office." At a lull in the gunfire he risked peering round his desk, which prompted another wave of shooting. He sighed. "They're getting closer." There was only so long they could crouch down here before either his legs gave out or the aliens shot them. At the moment either outcome was equally likely.

Martha looked around the room, holding on to the edge of the desk as she leaned out and nearly had her hand shot off for her trouble. "Cover me," she said.

Harry didn't ask, just did as he was told. The gun he had didn't do a thing to the robot aliens except slow them down, but at least it didn't shoot bullets, which would probably have just ricocheted off them and ended up hitting him or Martha.

Although he concentrated on shooting the aliens, out the corner of his eye he could see Martha was getting the laptop off his desk. Quite what she was going to do with that, he wasn't sure. She could call for help, of course, but he couldn't believe anyone needed to be notified, what with all the shooting going on. He was surprised no one had come in to save them yet, but supposed they were coming up with a plan to get them out without anyone getting shot.

He stopped once Martha was settled under the desk again and he sat back down with a groan. She passed the laptop to him. "Log me in," she said, so he typed his password in.

After she took it back he watched her without understanding what she was doing or what she hoped to achieve. A few mouse clicks later, the shooting stopped. Suspicious, Harry stayed where he was, but Martha was less cautious.

"Look at this!" she said, and so he did.

The robots were all just stood there, looking like they'd had all the life sucked out of them.

"What did you do?" Harry asked, standing up properly now.

"Disrupted their wireless," she said. "Now they're not getting any signals from the parent ship, so they don't know what to do."

"Oh," he said, understanding about half of that, but knowing that any no other explanation was likely to help either. As long as it worked and Martha was confident, it didn't matter. "Now we need to find the parent ship and stop them from doing it again."

Martha nodded. "Except I don't work here any more," she pointed out, putting Harry's laptop back on his desk.

They were already late for her leaving do and this could take all night. "I'm the Director of UNIT Medical," Harry said. "And I think this would be a good thing to delegate."

Martha smiled at him, Harry smiled back and they went to the pub to toast her future.


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